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SteamCity Game - Heroes and Villains

The characters of a story are what drive it. The setting might draw people in but it’s the characters and their adventures that will keep them there. The world of SteamCity is one populated by believable characters, each with their own agenda and motivations.

SteamCity’s story is centered on a rebellion. Set in the once vibrant city of Koelenberg, it follows the brave fighters of an emergent resistance movement against the city’s tyrannical rulers, the Yamagami corporation. Formerly a republic, the city is now designated SteamCity 0314, just another holding for the seemingly omnipotent Yamagami. They swept into the city with irresistible force of a storm, crushing any who dared to resist.

The city is now ruled with an iron fist. Any dissent is ruthlessly purged. Citizens exist only to serve Yamagami. Everything is geared towards efficiency and maximizing production at a cost to everything else. Independent thought is punished and the corporation controls every aspect of life.

It has taken eighty years but finally, the seed of rebellion has flowered. The Rose of Freedom is the name of the rebel faction. It has taken its name and symbol from a flower that managed to sprout in the city’s polluted landscape against all the odds.

The leader of the rebellion is the last surviving heir to House Eschenbach. The one time rulers of Koelenberg, only one remains now free from the scourge of the Yamagami. At times going as Sophie Komp, she has emerged from hiding to lead the people against their oppressors. A courageous warrior, Sophie leads by example. She is never found far from the front, spurring on her followers to greater feats of heroism.

Sophie is the personification of the resistance but she does not stand alone. She is supported in her leadership role by a cadre of advisors and friends. Lady D is one of her closest confidants, never to be found far from her side. Another is Martin Discoli, whose age and experience temper the younger Sophie’s zealousness in his role as a counsellor and advisor. The cause of the Rose has united a widespread collection of individuals, connected by their opposition to Yamagami.

The ragtag composition of the Rose’s forces represent its origins as an uprising amongst the civilian populace. A mixture of militia and more experienced fighters, the standard of weaponry and training varies greatly.

Arrayed against them is the might of the Yamagami corporation. SteamCity 0314 is just one of their territories. Their numbers seem without end but it is not the endless legions of foot soldiers that the rebellion fear the most. Deep within the depths of Yamagami’s most secretive facilities, unspeakable experiments are conducted. The various results are unleashed as Yamagami’s shock troops, calculated to shock and horrify the civilian population into submission.

We could go on but we don’t want to ruin the surprise! Suffice to say, SteamCity boasts a colorful cast of characters, each of whom will have their own part to play in the struggle for that which was Koelenberg. Stay tuned for more updates and information on the game!

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