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SteamCity Chronicles is a turn-based strategy game with a unique world setting, merging steampunk art direction with strong Japanese influences.

The game tells the gripping story of the daring rebellion of Sophie von Eschenbach, the ‘Rose of Freedom’ against the Yamagami corporation - a faceless organization from the East, hell-bent on complete efficiency and productivity.

Decades ago, they have taken over the once proud city of Kolonenberg, a peaceful society full of life & harmony, and transformed it into a dystopian nightmare, where independent thought is a myth and every little part of life is under total control.

Traditional values of the ‘old way’ have all but been eradicated, giving way to a machine-like
society where the individual is no more.

However, after 80 years of brutal oppression, signs of change are surfacing.

A single flower has pushed its way to the surface of SteamCity 0314: A rose. A rose of freedom.

Sophie, the last survivor of the once great von Eschenbach family takes a vow to retake the city and restore it to its former glory, risking everything she holds dear.

With the guidance of a shady man living a double life called Martin Doscoil, she takes up the leading position to ignite the flame that will spark a full-blown revolution against the tyrannical power of the Yamagami corporation.

She’s also joined by Anna, a.k.a. ‘Lady Dynamite’ who’s the secondary heroine of the story and the latest addition to the members of the Rose of Freedom.

Together, they lead a band of loyal militia against an army of steel enforcers, mechanical robots, and unspeakable monstrosities.

Join Sophie and her band of brothers & sisters in a desperate attempt to overthrow the brutal Yamagami rule, liberate her enslaved people, and restore Kolonenberg to its former glory.











Immerse yourself in the story of the daring rebellion of Sophie von Eschenbach, the ‘Rose of Freedom’ against the Yamagami corporation - a faceless organization from the East, hell-bent on complete efficiency and productivity.


You can take control of dozens of characters at once, from brave Rose Militia members who have taken up arms against the evil Yamagami Corporation, to powerful steam robots, defected enemy soldiers, and even the main heroes of the game.


Since the game isn’t hex or square-based, use the extra freedom to position your troops in just the right place to get the upper hand on the enemy, and crush them. 


You can also exploit the endless possibilities offered by the terrain and quickly gain a strategic advantage by taking control of the high ground or using buildings for cover. 

 In fact, that’s one of the best ways to level the playing field and fight back against Yamagami’s superior numbers.

T Steamcity .jpg
  • What is SteamCity Chronicles - Rise Of The Rose?

It is one special video game that has a board game feeling to it, alloyed with various Steampunk styles mixed with Asian fusion with a mission to free the city from the Yamagami corporation.

  • Who are the developers that created this game? 

The game world was designed by Japanese miniature gaming veterans and was developed by FeelThere, a well-known PC game company, and publisher.

  • What does the game cost? 

You can purchase the game for $12.99 on the Steam store.

  • Will SteamCity Chronicles - Rise Of The Rose only be on Steam, and will it be on streaming platforms such as GeForce NOW? 

We are already working on the Xbox version, and we are planning to release that in 2021. Yes, we would like to have SteamCity on streaming platforms available.

  • How long is the game? 

The complete game can take around 10 hours to complete.

  • Can I monetize SteamCity Chronicles - Rise Of The Rose gameplay footage? 

Yes, you are free to monetize your footage of the game!

  • Are there achievements? 

No steam achievements, however, there’s a Skill Tree inside the game

  • Did you take any inspiration from other games? 

Yes, we looked at tabletop wargames for inspiration.

  • Will there be translations for other languages? 

SteamCity is translated to Spanish and Japanese. We plan to add more languages in the future, like German, Italian, and French.

  • Will SteamCity Chronicles - Rise Of The Rose be on console? 

Yes, we are developing for Xbox already.

  • Is there any multiplayer? 

It is a possibility for the future.

  • Will SteamCity Chronicles - Rise Of The Rose be on Mac or Linux? 

No, we currently have no plans to add the game to Mac or Linux.

  • What are the minimum system requirements? 

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: 64 bit Windows 10
Processor: 2.4 Ghz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Video Card with at least 2 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 12 GB available space

  • Where did the idea for the world’s style of Asian SteamPunk come from? 

It’s based on an existing tabletop concept from another company called Magicreality, where one of the founders is Japanese. He has been the influence of the Asian fusion.

  • Was there a specific reason as to why the traditional hex/grid-based gameplay wasn’t used

Yes, it was intentional, as we wanted to get as close as possible to the real tabletop wargames, so the movements are distance-based and not HEX based.

No, however, you can develop the Skill Tree, or upgrade the characters depending on how many points you earn at the end of each level.

  • What is the maximum size your team can be?

The main team has 3 main characters which you can decide to include on each level or not. You can collect spare parts over the levels and build robots. If you’re careful enough, you could save them to grow your team if you decide to include them. You can save the robots for the harder levels.

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